Friday, 2 September 2011

5 Minutes of Fame

Front cover of this weeks Grazia

Comment section on the Grazia website

The printed page

Picture taken before leaving the house

This week I was so excited to grace Grazia’s weekly Style Hunter page. When the image was selected for the website I was super pleased- so imagine my surprise when a friend emailed saying I was going in the actual magazine!

The photo was taken on the South Bank as I was on my way to Vintage Festival in late July.  The dress is vintage (of course) from one of the small independent vintage stores in The Laines in Brighton.  It was bought on a work ‘vintage scavenger hunt’ in December, I think it might be home made, if not, it has clearly been altered a few times. The dress was always a little big so my talented friend took it in for me just before we left the house.

The ‘doorknocker’ earrings were a gift from a friend, I suspect from a charity shop in Worcester. Some of my all time favourite items have come from Worcester’s Charity Shops- Age Concern is one of the best.

The shoes are hand me downs from Hannah Lou Rowe, author of the brilliant Wherefore Art Thou blog and owner of the most expansive wardrobe of vintage I have ever seen. The sunglasses were bought on holiday in Croatia after I dropped my other pair into the sea diving off a rock.  The lipstick is cheap and cheerful Barry M, it gives an authentic vintage look because it’s quite dry with a matte finish.

The handbag was 50p at a jumble sale, (at the Worcester Guildhall one Christmas) It’s apt that people commented on the 80s details of my outfit because I’ve christened that handbag ‘Thatcher Bag’ or ‘Thatch’ for short. Everything I wear always ends up looking a bit 80s, but I felt that dressing entirely in one decade would feel too much like costume. I’m a total fashion magpie always mixing my references to create a look.

The best comment on the website was that I looked like a cross between  Joan from Mad-Men and Margaret Thatcher, which I loved because they really are two of my style icons.

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