Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Ashish Show Report + A Short Rant

So, for three days I have been trying to win the Grazia blogging competition and have failed, the winner today even reviewed Ashish, am now feeling very sorry for myself :(

It also got me thinking about show reviews and bloggers, surely my review is surplus to requirements? Grazia now has two Ashish reviews online and I have since read countless others (in order to compare and contrast my own) Does the fashion world really need a lot of people watching the same thing and then writing very similar response with varying degrees of success/ skill. Funny stories and opinions are a different kettle of fish and one that bloggers excel at, but really I think show reviews should be left to the pros.

For what it's worth, heres mine:

Best known for his sequins and sense of humour Ashish did not disappoint showing what looked to be a blue and white striped pajama set and some sequin spot trousers with a cute dog print. His humour often hides some serious commercial clout, the current high street trend for all things Paris was present (in sequins of course) at his Spring/ Summer 10 collection as was the much-copied sunset print dress. Ashish has also done a recent collaboration with Topshop that includes grey sportswear and killer gold wedges.

The models looked to me as if they were on a gap year break in South America, slouchy hats covering a disheveled plait with a flash of hair dye weaved through. Chunky cream knits and brown woolen trousers were brought alive by the bright shimmering ikat print that ran through the collection. The sportswear element was also apparent with a grey marl crop top and maxi skirt combo.

This collection felt rather more grown up than his previous efforts, even when compared to the most recent spring/ summer collection. The theme of world travel has been dealt with in a far more subtle and sophisticated manner.

Ashish has already proved that he can do low key sequins and high-octane sportswear but now also proves he can do serious tailored tweed jackets and trousers and very wearable knitwear, even if it does have sequins on.

Images from Grazia Daily

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