Sunday, 21 February 2010

Vintage Academe at Topshop

After a minor tube hiccup and a member of Topshop staff that had no idea what I was on about I found the Vintage Academe talk at Topshop Oxford Circus at 18:15, a mere 15 minutes after it started.

There were people standing and two small rows of seats, one on the end near me totally empty, I wondered why no-one was sat there, tired from work and frustrated from the tube I decided everyone was probably just being polite so plonked myself down to marvel at the clothes and listen to Curator Judith Watt give a thoroughly entertaining and very interesting talk through the clothes on display, when she finished she made her way back to her seat…which I was sat in. oops.

Having just finished a Fashion Curation MA I was so inspired by the idea and accessibility of the garments. Vintage Academe is a great mix between museum and shop. On the course we questioned whether you could have a fashion ‘gallery’ in the same way art has galleries (where works are on display to the public but also available to buy) and Vintage Academe is about as close as you can get.

Unlike a museum the clothes were on a rack to be rifled through, touched and held. My favourites were a characteristically garish Versace pink and black jacket with the signature lion head gold buttons and a royal blue evening dress by Issey Miyake that appeared to be made entirely from loops of ribbon.

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