Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Sale Shopping Guide

Right, Christmas is over, you've unwrapped your gifts, got your vouchers and money ready to spend in the sales, but how to navigate the unending piles of discounted merchandise, Where to begin? What to buy? DO I EVEN NEED ANY OF THIS SHIT?! 

I have a secret, I find shopping overwhelming at the best of times, the sales only make it worse. I did a cursory sale scout round sleepy Worcester on Boxing Day (having already checked out all the online sales on xmas day) and formulated a PLAN. You can use this plan too. It might stop you having a mental breakdown in Selfridges. 

1. Think about what you actually need. Perhaps your mum forgot to buy you perfume for xmas, or you want a designer leather bag in black. Get these first. 

2. Do your research. Look at the website first, that way you'll already know what is in the sale allowing you to edit out the crap quicker because you already have a vague idea of what is there, what you like, what you don't. 

3. Plan a route. Linked to 'Do your Research' you can't go everywhere and everywhere has good discounts. Department stores are my favorite- best discounts, lots of choice. House of Fraser, Selfridges and Harvey Nicks get my vote. 

4. Upgrade. If, like me, you fritter your money away on cheap tat the whole year round, stop. Don't buy the same tat but cheaper. Go up a price bracket- Cos instead of H&M, Whistles instead of Topshop, Selfridges instead of Debenhams. 

5. Don't buy clothes. The bargains are to be had on Make-up, Perfume, Bags, Shoes and Jewellery. Better discount, easier to find, less seasonal. 

6. If you do Buy Clothes Buy Classics, designer ones if possible. White shirts, black trousers, garments that fit. If its faux fur, fairisle or any other big trend from AW11, if you don't already own it, forget it, everyone else will buy mid Jan. 

7. Only buy it if you love it. Or if you considered it full price, if you thought it was ugly at full price, it is no less ugly because its only £20

8. Set a budget, stick to it.  

9. Outlet Shopping. Bicester Village boutiques have sales as does the Outnet. Yes. Go. (but remember the plan, this plan)

10. Ignore the sad looking sale and buy full price shiny newness. This is what I did on Boxing Day.  

Items that fit into THE PLAN and are in stock at the time of writing: 

Other make-up brands with fab discounts in all dept stores include Lancome, Guelian, Benefit and Estee Lauder (gift set of advanced night repair is reduced in HOF)

All boots fragrance gift sets have between £10 and £15 knocked off- as do everywhere else's. 

  Harvey Nicks has the best accessories sale I've seen. 

I wanted these full price, they fit, they are classic, they are cheap, I will wear them with a man's white shirt and red lipstick and look french.

I would also recommend buying a half price designer wallet- Mark Jacobs, Mulberry and Vivienne Westwood are usually marked down. Not that you'll have any money to put in them. 

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  1. LOVE love love the Viv Westwood gold wallet!