Thursday, 6 May 2010

It's the thought that counts: in praise of homemade cards

From Grandma: handmade by lady called Clare in Whitehaven.

From Mum: has a handmade, intricate nature, even though its probably shop bought

From Michelle: A picture she took in Korea that reminded her of me, stapeled it to a piece of A4 and made me a card

From Pete: Handmade by some lovely girls at a New X jumble, easy to do yourself with a photo, a piece of card, and some prit stick

How the cards look stood up

It's my birthday soon and I received a lovely card from my dear mother (shown above) and as I looked around my flat I saw the other thoughtful, beautiful, handmade cards I have kept. I have received all the pictured cards in 2009 or 2010 and to me this only confirms the trend for all things craft.

Cards from Clinton Cards and Tesco are all well and good, and moonpig has been a revelation for me personally, but there is something special in selecting a card lovingly made by your own hand or by someone else's.

What you can't see very well on the first card is that it is 3D, the pictures are raised at different levels, the feathers are real , and the attention to detail is staggering. Photographs, as can be seen from the two cards featured, are a cheap and simple way to make a personal and lasting impression, and ensure that your card is kept and displayed (helping the environment too).

Cards don't have to be throwaway, they can be personal, meaningful and cheap. In future I pledge to make cards for others, because of the simple pleasure homemade cards have brought me.

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