Sunday, 21 February 2010

Belated MA Show Pics and Congratulations

Homemade Couture: 111 Years of Vogue Patterns by Sophie Wood (me!)

Styling and Absence by Tory Turk

An Oral History of Marit Allen by Shonagh Marshall who is also taking part in the V&A's Oral History seminar in the summer.

An exploration of the 5 senses in fashion exhibitions by Michelle Carpenter

Satirical Sartorial Jenna Rossi-Casmus, author of blog and winner of an LCF prize *claps*

She Wears Her Pain by Amy Bluett.Fashion and feminism meet in Amy's hand drawn version of 'The Gallery of English Costume'

It’s all over! The display at the Mall Galleries was a total success and I even got to speak to Sarah Harris, the features writer at Vogue about my work on Vogue Patterns. I am still obsessed with Vogue Patterns and dressmaking and need to decide where to take it next.

Special thankyous go to Nilgin Yusuf for introducing me to Sarah, course tutors and super curators Amy de la Haye and Judith Clarke and everyone on the course for creating such a beautiful exhibition. And CONGRATULATIONS on their results to all the MA graduates at LCF this year.

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  1. Congratulations to you too. Sorry have taken an age to respond. Yes where did the time go that 2 year old boy is now 4 and is going to school in Sept. Have read your other post and the Vintage Academe sounded very interesting. Is it still on?