Sunday, 3 January 2010

MA finished, back to blogging

After starting this blog with the best of intentions, by the end of September I realised that having a full time job, doing my MA Final Project and running a shiny new blog was a bit much.

I studied Fashion Curation pathway so my project took the form of a exhibition proposal and accompanying academic essay. Below is an introduction to my project:

"Homemade Couture: 111 Years of Vogue Patterns will be one of the very few exhibitions to privilege the paper dress making pattern as an object worthy of study and display. In order to do this I have chosen to use one of the most recognizable names in fashion, Vogue. The exhibition will take the form of a company history in order to explore the changing nature and relevance of the Vogue Pattern Company. Vogue Patterns was established in 1899 and this exhibition will be held in 2010, making Vogue Patterns 111, it doesn’t have to be a landmark birthday to celebrate a companies achievements. I chose to focus on paper patterns because of the creativity they allowed the women who use them with regard to fabric choice, skirt length etc, the fact that paper patterns, especially Vogue Patterns, show how designer styles and trends were presented to the mass population and because patterns have their own particular style of illustration which can provide a record of how women are illustrated and presented throughout the 20th Century."

The MA is not quite over yet, there is still the London College of Fashion MA exhibition which will be held at the Mall Galleries, London from 2nd-5th of Feb. So please come down to see the work.


  1. This looks really good, I hope your exhibition goes well. have you written about the illustrators for the early Vogue covers too?
    Love, The Poor Little Rich Girl's. x

  2. What a great topic. I would love to read this. Make sure you have a copy of your dissertation in the library at LCF!

  3. No, I did write about the copies of Vogue that included The Vogue Pattern book and how Vogue and the Vogue Pattern Book used to look very similar and that Vogue and Conde Nast thought that true style was for everyone, hence them featuring the patterns.

    Re: Make Do Style, I have signed the form and need to post it! xx