Sunday, 20 September 2009

A Menswear Moment

With the launch of The Beatles Rockband game, the release of Dorian Gray, the long awaited opening of the expanded Topman Oxford Circus and the beefed up menswear schedule at LFW the boys are having a mainstream fashion moment.

And, after years of suffering distinctly dressed down blokes it seems that slimline, smart and sharp boys will rule once again. This shape has been threatening for a few seasons now, the male silouette has got slimmer and slimmer, yet remained the preserve of scruffy music scenesters.

Now, with any luck, we could see a return to the sharp mod suits of The Beatles, form flattering double breasted trenches a la Dorian Gray and clean faces thanks to the the Sharps Barber Shop concession at Topman (not to mention the suits, shown above

The suit, in all of its guises, has been a menswear staple throughout the 20th Century and its only since the casual wear explosion in the 1980s that it has been marginalised into workwear. We are set to see the suit become a regular fixture in pubs, clubs and high streets across the land because, lets face it, all men look better in a suit.


  1. Don't they look smart and approachable ?

  2. oh the beatles are never out of style. such a cool pic